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  • Pauline Vohl - Watercolor. acrylic and mixed media
  • Pauline Vohl's Blog
  • Nicholas Phillips - an artist specializing in the religious and the spiritual, the mythical and the mystical, and anything that could be termed ‘Sacred Art’.
  • Correspondances... - Le carnet de Véronique Massenot
  • Véronique Massenot
  • Website of Anne Faber, amateur Belgian artist
  • Galerie de Joelle Ribeiro - aquarelles, carnets de voyages.
  • RUYAL - French landscape and portrayer painter, to see the exposure on line of its paintings. With through his work on the colour and the pictorial light, Alexis Ruyer says RUYAL tries to reveal you the synthesism ® Ruyal, another way of feeling a glance towards the exterior.
  • Blog Sara Picazo to present its illustrations with rotring, but also some of the other creations.
  • Paul Mitchell, Kent based artist. Specialises in urban/city paintings, transportation and landscapes. Also undertakes commissions. Art sale on website, with links to online shops where you can buy his work.
  • Yasmine Art Gallery - Egyptian and oriental oil paintings, portraits, still life and landscapes.
  • Allison Day
  • Alexandra Cabri - Introspective Art
  • Siobhan O' Hehir
  • Petrina Kent - Isle of Man based Fine Art Painter specialising in dramatic landscape. Her paintings often hold a hidden prophetic message.
  • Arthur Bernard Art Collection
  • Welcome to 'the house on the dyke! - The living room gallery, studio and the modest sculpture garden of Arthur Bernard. A meeting place for those interested in modern art.
  • Paul Wilson painter of Urban life and City scenes.
  • Linda Scott - Illustration
  • Who's Your Dada? - The humorous work of Scottish artist, David Graham
  • David Graham
  • Kaya Hyslop - an abstract artist (working with mixed media).
  • Annie Patterson - contemporary botanical art
  • Betker Fine Art - Art in many media, with a specialty in knifepainted oils of Pacific Northwest urban industry and habitat.
  • half-sweet productions - Betker artmaking blog
  • Ayanangshu's watercolor
  • Shelley Lowell - paintings & poetry
  • Personalized Pet Portraits by Shelley Lowell
  • Cédric Léger - an animation designer
  • Ubald Seveke
  • Bonnie Hanlon - is a Melbourne based artist working with collage and drawing based media including Silverpoint, Watercolour and Printmaking.
  • Paolo Moretto - Welcome to the official virtual retrospective of the Italian artist Paolo Moretto.
  • Oswin Gesselli - Art Gallery - Modern paintings gallery - Art Paintings - Abstract Paintings - Greeting Card - Poems
  • Rob Carey "Kandern Sketchbook" by Rob Carey
  • Roger O'Reilly - artist and illustrator
  • EDGE Art - Illustrator, Comic artist, Graphic designer
  • orizatriz
  • Wayne Millett - oil painting, locomotive, aviation and automobile
  • Todd Monk Art
  • Jaap Binnema (1948) is in his work mainly focused on three topics: light, space and silence. Although there is a clear spiritual element he finds this often in the urban and industrial sphere, especially interiors of buildings. The interest in buildings leads also to (abstract) experiments with themes like rhythm and repetitions. Most of the work in oil of acryl, but also other material is used (paper, wood).
  • Olivier Rijcken - Dutchbased illustrator and artist making 'dolers' with a picture of a doler.
  • Walter van Nus - Leitmotiv: Music relelated to visual art, a 'moving feast'. Similarity and antithesis. We accept commissions in any art-discipline, any!
  • Atelier Mikipe
  • James Sewell - Pattern-based paintings examining the grid, craft skills and the value of the handmade.
  • The Mystical Visions of Judy Mastrangelo
  • Ratos - comics artist and illustrator, born 1972 in Nis, Serbia.
  • Philip Morgan - Illustration
  • Paul Critchley's shaped oil paintings depict interiors and landscapes. He makes paintings which are diptych and triptychs which can be opened and closed and are therefore interactive. Frequently these have an element of time with either day and night or different seasons being incorporated in a single painting. His paintings can also be constructed to be hung on or in a corner, or even on the ceiling or the floor.
  • Tejohaas - Sketches, drawings and inspiration of the illustrious artist and cartoonist

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